The 1851 Invasion of Lagos by the British Naval Forces is a story that needs to be told over and over again. Was it just the rift between Oba Kosoko and his Uncle Oba Akitoye that gave away for the Invasion? Was it just a case of clearing the flirt and human ritual practices happening back then in Old Eko. Or was it just a case of British Colonial domination over the city that later became one of the biggest slave ports in West Africa.

Whatever the reason is, the Invasion later led to the annexation of Lagos to the British Colony in 1861. The Ultimate aim of the British Crown Colony.


167 years later ASIRI Magazine, a digital repository with the concern of preserving and promoting the cultural heritage and history of Nigeria is hosting its first Exhibition exploring the incidents that lead to the invasion with illustration arts and Installation

The Exhibition would be happening at the 20th Lagos Book and Art Festival at Freedom Park, Lagos.

The Exhibition would go on for a week, would feature a performance re -enactment of the 1851 Invasion, An Installation Art Piece and 20 illustration works that would also feature other historical stories across Nigeria.

The main objective behind this Exhibition Project is to create mediums for dialogue and discussion around our history in Nigeria.

The Exhibition Opens with a grand opening on Tuesday, November 6th, another Opening on Saturday November 10th and closes on Sunday November 11th.

For Partnership and Sponsorship, Contact or Call 08060430622

See you there!

Tajmao out!

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