Hello Everyone!!! Been more than a minute. We are about to enter the 6th month of 2018 and that means we are half way through 2018. YAY!

Looking both ways, back at the first half of the year and forward at what we should be expecting; we decided to give up a list of events that happen yearly (some times more than once) and which are worth attending.

There are some that are free while there are others that come at a cost or require reservations.These events are good for sales (as a vendor), thrifts and discounts as well as networking, interactions, learning opportunities and general entertainment on the whole. We will be listing as many as we can lay our eyes on while trying to ensure that  states and cities are not left out so if its seems like its only Lagos we are mentioning, we apologise in advance *puppy dog eyes*

So first on the list is GTB FOOD AND DRINK FAIR. This year it was held on 29.04.2018 to 01.05.2018 (yes 3 days this time) as opposed to two days and we totally get it!!! The food and drink fair has become a force to be reckoned with and does no look like it will die down soon, who doesn’t like food? especially where so many food and drink vendors gathered under one roof. There were masterclasses (even for kids) and fresh produce . There was a kiddies play arena as well.

gtb food and drink


It was a fun filled experience and was a great opportunity to see the work of so many food and drink entrepreneurs. The experience was enlightening and there was a lot of innovation to behold. We do not doubt that there will be  more and we can bet that soon it will be a week long event. Big ups to GTB, their brand is here to stay

Second on the list is the CHEF DISH FOOD FEST. The first of the year was held on 11.02.2018, the second on 01.04.2018 so we are all looking forward to the next one which is going down on 19.08.2018. Chef Dumebi Agbakoba themes each event (the first and second were Glorious Nigerian Food and Caribbean Cuisine respectively) and the third one is Flavours of the Mediterranean.

chef dish festival

The events are complete with competitions like the hamburger challenge in the 2nd edition, a bloggers corner and live cooking. We are looking forward to the 3rd event and most likely a 4th one too before the year ends. For more information check out

The 3rd on the list is the EAT DRINK FESTIVAL. The first edition was held at FANTASY LAND Ikoyi and it was MEMORABLE! We don’t think they envisaged such a massive turn out! Safe to say most if not all of the vendors sold out because we had to wait for over 1 hr to get food for a particular vendor and when we say massive we mean ‘sea of heads right from the door’ massive.

eat drink festival


They moved right up by using Eko Atlantic and it was well worth it. The event happens once a year and so we have several more months to work towards the next one on December 26th. For more information, and countdown

We also have to mention the events that have already been held this year and so the 4th on the list is theSOCIAL MEDIA WEEK LAGOS (SMW LAGOS) which was held 26th February to 2nd March. With a different theme every year, the event aims to bring highlights to the social media theme and developments in that field and related areas.

social media week


It allows people explore and understand the different benefits for individuals, brands and businesses. Loaded with seminars and so much more, there is no way you leave without some form of enlightenment. For more information,

5th on the list is WAZOBIA CARNIVAL which was held on 3rd and 4th  February and is a whole lot of music, performances, trade fair, competitions, games, dance troupes and much more.

wazobia carnival


Organised by WazobiaFM, it started in 2017 and has already grown into a fun and loved event. It is a ticketed event and affordable too. It’s a colourful event that is worth looking forward to so start the countdown to next year. For more information

6th is SLAY and this is a networking, career/business speaking, food and shopping event that has evolved into so much more. It is an event that celebrates African women in innovation, culture, technology, music art and food. The event organised master classes, sessions that range from legal advice, business and career advice as well free health check ups and healthy living tips.

slay festival

There are also opportunities to interact with influencers and celebrities, access to experts, business speakers with global enterprise, musical performances, 1 on 1 coaching and they seem to only be evolving more and more.Last held in February at TBS, the next one is guaranteed to be just as notable as all the others. The event is not free and your would need to get tickets early so as not to miss out because they sell out real fast. For more information

And that’s it, for now!!. This is an all Lagos list. Like we said we’re not being partial oooo and the next list will include other states and cities *issa promise….

If you are going to any of the events or know any one that you think is worth mentioning, give us a holla!

Tajmao out!!

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